Кухонные механизмы

Подбор параметров

Why when choosing a kitchen it is necessary to pay attention to mechanisms for drawers and cabinets? After all these details are inside the modules and not visible facades. Why on the website in the catalog such a large selection of options for mechanisms for kitchen cabinets? Let's find the answers to these questions.

Kitchen arrangements save space and time in the kitchen

Mechanisms for kitchen furniture perform several functions:

  1. Make the headset convenient to use: built-in drawers for kitchen tables will be an additional storage location.
  2. Save time: pull-out mechanisms will help to take the tools and utensils.
  3. Provides space-saving corner shelf with a special corner mechanisms is practical and roomy.

To make it comfortable to use unit, please note the opening kitchen cabinets. Here are two possible options:

  • The doors can swing open to the sides.
  • The sash can rise.

Kitchen lifting mechanisms make drawers more accessible. You will see all the contents of the shelves and quickly find the right thing. For the safety of the lifting systems for kitchen fronts has a special guard that protects fingers from being pinched.

The company's stores "Vardeka" and you can buy arrangements, consistent with the high standards of German quality. Because they are made in Germany manufacturer Hettich.

Comfortable kitchen furniture

For furniture it is important convenience. Then cooking will not get tired and give pleasure. On our site you can buy hinges that have several advantages:

  1. Special hinges with closers allow doors to close smoothly.
  2. An additional plus - function self closing, especially important for corner kitchen cabinets. You come across a leaf that had been left open. No need to waste time and every time to close the doors to the end. Smart devices for kitchen cabinets do it yourself.
  3. Convenient loop will allow for quick Assembly and disassembly of furniture. You can easily remove the front without special tools.
  4. Loops do not need all the time to improve. They will not be bumped in the process of operation, as calculated on 200 000 openings and closings. And these figures are not reduced, even when talking about serious facades.
  5. In the directory there are loops that allow you to adjust the depth and overlay doors module. The smooth lines of the facades, clear contours of the buildings will give your furniture an elegant look and special style.

Want to buy hinges for kitchen cabinets that have earned prestigious international awards? Go to the directory of the company "Vardeka".

Comfort in the kitchen

Peace and quiet in the house create a sense of comfort and give the opportunity to relax. What kitchen arrangements help to create in the kitchen comfort?

  • Dampers for kitchen furniture. They will soften closing of the valves, and their loud clapping you will not be annoying.If you ordered a customized kitchen design, then it has angular or beveled cabinets. On the website you can choose a universal model of the shock absorber, suitable for kitchen doors custom headset.
  • Universal mechanism PUSH-to-open. Built-in pusher will allow you to open doors without handles. It is not only stylish and fashionable, but also practical. After all, on the smooth facade does not accumulate fumes and dust, so they are less dirty. And wash them too much easier.

Additional devices will not require large expenditures. "Vardeka" is the official dealer of Hettich, therefore the prices for the products of its production going without cheating.

Reliable mechanisms - strong furniture

Any client wants headsets was strong, served regularly and reliably. This is especially important when it comes to hangers for kitchen cabinets and kitchen brackets. Because they must withstand the weight of the module and its content. In stores and on the company's website you can buy kitchen hangers made from vintage Nickel-plated steel. This ensures their high quality.

Correct selection of devices for reliable kitchen seems a daunting task? Our company offers departure on the house designer. It will produce all the necessary measurements, take into account individual characteristics of the premises, obtain professional advice. Slowly you will be able to discuss all the important moments and find the headset and the internal structure according to your budget. This service is available for free on the website.

Guarantee a long service life of kitchen furniture

Headsets for the kitchen - a serious purchase, so you want to serve for a long time. But often, new furniture, broken drawers because of the low quality internals. In headsets and modules "Vardeka" used guides for kitchen drawers and cabinets, operating on the principle of the ball bearing. This ensures their long-term trouble-free operation. They can withstand loads up to 30 kg. On the website you can buy a kitchen guide that will provide vertical and horizontal stability.

Well, when the kitchen arrangements are unobtrusive and silent. But these little details should regularly, reliably and for a long time. Because they determine the comfort and functionality of the entire kitchen. Company directory "Vardeka" offers fifty models of kitchen machineries. Reliability of operation is ensured by high quality material and thoughtful design.